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by Bill Wong

Better To Win offers readers a unique, proven perspective on the craft and power of politics. It examines the mindset and machinery involved in the use of power and the sacrifices necessary to affect meaningful change for those who don’t (yet) have a voice in the halls of power.


This book is not about climbing the political career ladder or pandering to people in positions of power. Bill Wong, a renowned strategist to a bevy of iconic California politicians, provides candid and occasionally Machiavellian advice to those who aspire not only to fight for justice, but to win those fights.


Better To Win shares impactful skills and strategies for change agents and powerful stories of Asian Americans who played and continue to play an important role at the table where decisions are made.


  • Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can do much good or defeat evil without power.

  • Learn why everything Asian Americans have been taught about leadership and success is wrong.

  • Gain insights into campaign leadership and what it takes to win hardball campaigns.

  • Read the untold stories of Asian Americans who changed the course of California and U.S. politics.


This book can’t empower you. Your power is already in you. Now that you know, it’s up to you to believe, seize it and wield it on behalf of the powerless.

Bill Wong is an award-winning political strategist who has been included in Capitol Weekly’s Top 100 power list from 2018 to 2021. A consummate insider whose formidable political knowledge and influence helped shepherd a historic number of Asian Americans into the halls of power, Bill is also an expert in mobilizing the emergent power of AAPI communities.

Bill is available for media interviews and to select clients for consultation on strategy, coaching, and speaking engagements. Book Bill at this LINK.

Learn more about Bill Wong at this


What people are saying about Better to Win and Bill Wong...

"Better to Win teaches readers interested in political advocacy how to take a powerful seat at the leadership table. Wong's exploration of 'political jiujitsu' processes and how they can successfully undercut established political routine and prejudices provides an outstanding route for nonviolent protest that should be on the radars of any involved in leadership decision-making circles. The tactics have been proven to work. While the examples come from Wong's political world, they can be equally employed in business circles, social milieus, and any environment where tacit privilege and prejudice too often take the upper hand.


Ideally, Better to Win will be featured in any library collection where issues of racism and power struggles are of interest. It would also be an excellent choice for book clubs interested in explorations of political and social prejudice. Bill Wong's assessment of the political machine and tactics to dismantle many of its minority-crushing routines come not from ideals, but from tried-and-true methods that rest on psychological strategies and a savvy life knowledge that can't be beat.”

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Asian-American strategist Bill Wong introduces readers to the world of political power wars through stories of his own experiences while working with some of the most prestigious Democratic figures. In Better to Win, he brings to light the adversities that Asian American and Pacific Islanders face and the importance of fighting for justice and change in our communities. A great read for anyone who is interested in the crafting of political campaigns and the fight for AAPI equality.”

Kristi Elizabeth, Seattle Book Review

"Better to Win is the best book I've ever read that deals with practical political and personal power—how to acquire it and more importantly, how to use and strengthen it. I believe the takeaways and lessons from this book can benefit everyone and anyone who's interested in making a difference in the political arena." 

— Jadine Chin Nielsen, former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles


“Bill is a selfless, fearless, and formidable operator working in the shadows for decades to politically empower Asian Americans. Much of our success today is owed to his efforts. AAPIs need this book, which will help immensely in our fight to increase our voice and our power.”

—Judy Chu, U.S. Congresswoman and chairwoman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus


“Bill Wong, among the very best political strategists of our times, offers unique insights into one of most significant groups of voters and provides fascinating behind the scenes details about campaigns and political battles he helped wage. Bill has written an essential guide to the politics of Asian American voters and provides wise lessons in leadership.”

—Dan Morain, author and former Editorial Page Editor for The Sacramento Bee


"I've always thought of Bill Wong as equal parts Machiavelli, Freud, Rasputin, and Kafka which was why I've always sought his counsel. If you're in a fight, he's who you want on your side when the odds and establishment are against you."

—Anthony Rendon, California Assembly Speaker


“When everyone else is afraid to go to war, Bill Wong isn't. We need more fearless, tenacious, and selfless leaders like him.”

— John Chiang, former California State Treasurer and State Controller


“Bill Wong is an exceptional and rare political ‘operative’. He builds relationships and identifies leaders. He is a masterful tactician and understands and identifies the intersection between policy and politics. His book gives us a rare insight into how ‘to get things done’ in California's state capitol. The lessons from this book can, and should be, applied to all levels of government by community activists and aspiring politicians alike.”

— Alberto Torrico, former California Assembly Majority Leader


“Bill Wong gives voice to our struggles and our hopes. AAPI leaders have fought hard to gain a seat at the table, often opting to stand if none was offered. Better to Win reminds Asian Americans where we have been, how far we’ve come and how we got here, and sets the stage for an important truth—we are just getting started.”

— Jill Tokuda, U.S. Congresswoman


“Bill Wong is the street smart, no-BS older cousin in politics we all wish we had. His understanding of power—the way it works, the glittering decoys that lead us away from it, and how to wield it with honor rather than glory—is piercing. His decades in the trenches, and the upper echelons, of Democratic politics are a treasure trove of knowledge for the AAPI community and for anyone serious about building lasting power for marginalized people.”

— Sonia Chang-Diaz, former Massachusetts State Senator and gubernatorial candidate


“There is no one in the United States who is more experienced, savvy, and talented in terms of AAPI politics than Bill Wong. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the lay of the land in AAPI land.”

— Garry South, Democratic Strategist and Commentator


"Bill is a transformative innovator and disruptor in California's high stakes political arena whose unconventional approach to leadership and strategy led to historic wins for Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and the Assembly Democrats. His commitment to helping others and elevating opportunities for all is what makes him so special.”

— Tom McMahon, Partner at The NP Agency and former Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee


"AAPIs have a long and storied history in California politics and will continue to play an ever-important role in the future of the Golden State. Bill Wong's tremendous career within the cauldron of politics make his insider's view a must read." 

— Sara Sadhwani, PhD, Assistant Professor of Politics at Pomona College and California Citizens Redistricting Commissioner


“I am absolutely excited that Bill Wong has authored an amazing book to inspire and empower the AAPI community, as well as every community that has suffered by bigotry, hatred, racism and division in this country and in this state. These writings chronicled by this great man will be transformative and empowering."

— Mike Gipson, California Assembly Democratic Caucus Chair


“I would recommend this book to anyone interested in California politics with an emphasis on Asian-American issues. Bill's book perfectly captures the significant successes and struggles that Asian-American Pacific Islanders have experienced over the past two decades.”  

— Bryan Ha, California Faculty Association Director of Government Relations


“Bill Wong converted his lived experiences into practical political change." 

— Richie Ross, Ross Communications


“Bill Wong's book provides a profound analysis of ideological forces vying to define the future. His incredible anecdotes tell stories about political leaders facing systems that serve the few at the expense of the many and promote a new consciousness of what it means to be human on this planet run by political beliefs. This powerful book inspires and empowers actions that manifest an awakening to our collective political system and a reawakening of how we see the world.  A must read for anyone who believes in the power of change, progress, and hope.”

— Phil Chen, California Assemblymember


“Make no mistake about it, Bill Wong is committed, skilled, and wise. His insights are the products of broad and deep experiences combined with fundamental respect for others. His sense of solidarity makes for richer public discourse and more thoughtful civic engagement.”

—Mark Ridley-Thomas, former Los Angeles County Supervisor, California State Senator, and State Assemblymember


“Bill commands respect and admiration for good reason. He was always the x-factor opponents feared and the secret weapon allies needed. In the years to come, the decade between 2012 and 2022 will come to be known as the Bill Wong era of politics.”

— Ian Calderon, former California Assembly Majority Leader

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